Fliss Hitchcock celebrates her GCSE results

Fliss Hitchcock & her mum celebrating at Seaford CollegeCongratulations to Fliss Hitchcock on her GCSE results. Fliss achieved six 9s, two 8s, 7 & 6. Here’s the lovely moment when she found out with her mum!

“I was shocked. I can’t stop smiling. I wasn’t expecting that” Fliss said.

She was most pleased with her result in Physics as it was the subject she worked hardest in. Fliss credits her teachers for their support and hard work “Ed Barkham really helped. I revised by writing lots of notes and condensing them. I would do about six hours a day.

Mrs White made the extra revision sessions in English fun. The teachers are all really supportive and were there if you needed them. The subjects I did best in were the subjects I love. I love them because the teachers bring the subjects to life.” Fliss has a passion for riding and believes that it helped her to relax during the revision process.

Fliss added “I love Seaford because of the overwhelming care, support and community.”

Mrs Hitchcock tells us “I’m an extremely proud mum. She has worked her socks off!”

We look forward to welcoming Fliss for the Sixth Form at Seaford to study Biology, Chemistry and Physics. She is keen to go on to study Veterinary Medicine as she loves animals.