Caelan Stanton celebrates his GCSE results

Caelan StantonCongratulations to Caelan Stanton who achieved two 9s, 8, two 7s, two 6s, 5 &3 in his exams.

Caelan described his results as a “mixed bag” but was very happy. “The couple that weren’t so good won’t have an impact on my A Levels so it’s all good”. He is very happy with hit two 9s in English.

“I really prepared for English. Mrs White helped me get the grades that I wanted”.

Whilst at Seaford, Caelan found rugby a great release from study. As he boarded he also got to use the gym in the evening which gave him a break from revising.

Caelan believes that boarding at Seaford also helped him immensely. “It’s not that you have to work, it’s that you want to work as everyone else is” he told us. “The pastoral support is also amazing. Mr Follows was there to help at any time. It helped me to not feel alone”.

“I love Seaford because of its community”.

Caelan will be staying at Seaford to study PE, Psychology and Business Studies. He is interested in pursuing a career in Sports Psychology and hopes focusing on Business Studies too might help him should he wish to start his own business in this field.