Mansion Girls

The girls boarding house is sited in the historic and impressive Mansion House at Seaford College, which is a focal point on the school grounds.  We offer full, weekly and flexi boarding for girls age 13 to 17 years old (Years 9–12).  Rooms are comfortably furnished with bed (with full storage under), bedside table, desk, desk lamp, wardrobe and hand basin in rooms.  The younger girls (Years 9-10) tend to share a double room, while the older girls (Years 11-12) have a single study room.

It is a warm, safe and caring boarding house, with a strong identity and family atmosphere.  All girls have a good relationship with each other and all duty staff in the house.

There is opportunity each night to do prep after supper and house meeting/roll call.  Prep is done in rooms, with additional opportunity to use the school library.  There are occasional activities ranging from trips to the cinema, ice skating and pizza nights. The older girls have the chance to be invited to become House Prefects and have an ‘older sister’ role in the house.