Aquilla Matafwali celebrates his GCSE results

Aquilla MatafwaliCongratulations to Aquilla Matafwali on his exam results.

He told us that on opening his results he was “Very surprised. I thought I wouldn’t have passed”. Aquilla had found English particularly hard and so was thrilled to achieve a 7 and a 6 in this subject. He thanks Ms Doy for this “If it was not for her I wouldn’t have pushed myself. She gave me extra help with my coursework”.

In fact, Aquilla credits the teachers in general at Seaford. “If you doubt yourself they push you on. They give you the help that you need” he told us.

Like so many students at Seaford, Aquilla took part in sport whilst at Seaford – athletics and rugby. “It really helped me with relieving the stress of exams” he said.

“I like Seaford because there’s always extra help if you need it. There’s always someone to believe in you”.

Aquilla will be staying at Seaford to study Business Studies, PE and Biology. He’s looking forward to getting a broader understanding of each subject.