Anna White celebrates her GCSE results

Anna WhiteCongratulations to Anna White on her exam results.

“I am really happy to have passed everything. I’ve never been strong at English to get a 9 is amazing”.

Anna speaks fondly of the teachers at Seaford. “Mrs White was so supportive with my English coursework. She really boosted my confidence”.

Anna had been nervous about her science results. She needn’t have been though as she gained a 7 and an 8. She said that the preparation helped. “We did a lot of past papers and practice papers in class”.

“I love Seaford because the teachers are so good. They’re so supportive. If you have a question it’s really OK to ask it”.

Anna will be staying at Seaford to study Biology, Chemistry and Maths. She enjoys these subjects the most and so is excited about being able to focus on them more.