World Book Week

Swapping booksSeaford College embraced World Book Week with a range of activities to help nurture and celebrate our love of reading.

The week started with a book swap which provided a great opportunity for students to find a new book to read and give someone else the opportunity to read their favourite. They brought in books that they no longer needed, and swapped them for a small donation. All funds raised went to the RSPCA.

Where's Wally? huntOn Tuesday, the Prep School took part in a picture hunt. They spent their break time looking for ‘Where’s Wally’ pictures placed around the school and collecting the attached letters. Their next task was to unscramble the letters to spell the name of a well-known author. It was fabulous to see them all working together to find the clues.

Author Peter Bunzl talks to the Prep School

On Wednesday, we were delighted to have a visit from author Peter Bunzl who came in to talk to the children about his work and run a number of workshops. Peter writes quirky tales about finding your place in the world and what makes you unique. Our students were delighted to have him sign copies of his books that they had bought.

Flip book animation with Peter Bunzl

Peter is also an animator and he captivated pupils in Years 2 – 4 with an animation workshop. During their art lesson he took them through the steps to make a flip book animation. The children were asked to create and draw a character in two different poses on consecutive pieces of paper. There was much discussion around what to draw and what special power their character would have. By then simply flipping between the two pages using a pencil, their character appeared to move, delighting our young animators.

Flip book animation with Peter BunzlNext up was a more complicated animation which required use of a zoetrope. A zoetrope is one of several pre-film animation devices that produce the illusion of motion. The children created a sequence of drawings that, when spun on the device, appeared to move like a film. For those without a zoetrope at home, Peter showed them how one could be made using a black plant pot! The children had a fabulous time and were captivated as they saw their creations come to life.

“He inspired me a lot” Hector, Year 4
“It was really good to put our creative heads on” Ty, Year 4
“Learning how to do the animation was really interesting” Poppy, Year 4.

Costumes on World Book DayOn Thursday, the Prep School came dressed as their favourite literary character. It always amazes us how imaginative some of the costumes can be and it was fascinating to see the range of costumes and hear the students talk about who they were dressed as and why. This year there were even costumes with props! Much to his classmate’s delight, Jay Christiansen in Year 5 brought along his hamster, Hawk-eye, to complement his costume. And our wonderful staff didn’t let us down either with their fantastic costumes.

Jay with his hamsterWe finished off the week with One Tree Books from Petersfield bringing in an exciting selection of books that were available for all students to buy.




Watch our video from the week here:





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