Seaford’s Phenomenal Production of Les Misérables, School Edition

Les Misérables, School EditionSeaford College presented its biggest production ever last week with four spectacular performances of Les Misérables, School Edition. It was a gargantuan production that has been more than a year in the planning with many, many hours of incredibly hard work from all those involved.

Auditions started last September, with students from across the school keen to be a part of this triumphant musical. With cast and crew selected, the music rehearsals began in earnest last October, followed by the full rehearsals soon after.

Les Misérables, School EditionAhead of the impressive opening performance, Sara Reynolds, Director, said: “My biggest motivation today, after months of planning and rehearsals, is knowing how it’s going to make our students feel tonight when they see the audience react to their performance. This is what drives me.”

The sheer effort and commitment that everyone dedicated to this masterpiece was evident in each and every one of the performances. The audience was captivated throughout (each performance), with well-deserved standing ovations every night. This was followed by glowing reviews and congratulations that are still arriving today.

Les Misérables, School EditionMorag: “Oh my goodness Les Mis was absolutely FANTASTIC! I can hardly believe we have SO much talent at our school. The singing sent shivers through me. A big well done – much better than the West End. Thank you for a great night out. Can’t wait for the next one.”

Ailsa: “Quite simply, Les Mis was phenomenal.”

Richard Venables-Kyrke: “Les Mis last night was the best production I have ever seen at Seaford, performed with immense professionalism. Your programme says “Seaford proudly presents….” And for me, as Chairman, I couldn’t be more proud of you all. Act Two was a real tear jerker and the standing ovation was thoroughly deserved.”

Les Misérables, School EditionSarah: “Les Mis was such an emotional production that surpasses the West End. The standing ovation said it all! Congratulations to everyone involved.”

Jo: “Les Mis was AMAZING!! They’ve upped their game yet again. It surpasses the West End show and captured my interest from the very first line.”

Herbert Kretzmer wrote the English translation for Cameron Mackintosh in 1985 and his daughter, on seeing Seaford’s School Edition, congratulated the cast on their performance saying: “My father wrote every word you sang tonight, he would have been very proud of your performance. This is a very special moment for me.”

Les Misérables, School EditionJohn Green, Headmaster, commented that the production was: “Simply unbelievable brilliance – I have never seen such an incredible school production. All people who were privileged to watch this remarkable production have witnessed something very, very special indeed – which they will, undoubtedly remember for years and years to come. Sensational.”

Les Misérables, School EditionJoe Follows, Assistant Director, was hugely proud of all of those involved: “To see the smiles and watery eyes of the cast (and crew) during the finale on Saturday night reminded me of why I get involved. The bond of friendship created and the effort the students bring during a show is exceptional. There was not a single stand out moment for me, the entire company was sensational; they deserved every ovation they received.”

Les Misérables, School EditionWith the audience enchanted and often forgetting they were watching a school performance and not a West End show, George Vernon, Stage Manager, encapsulates what was at the core of these amazing performances: “Just for a moment, let’s pretend that this wasn’t a school…..forget all the spellbinding lights, the mind-bending scenery and the stunning costumes…..set aside the genius musical score…..What you are left with, at the heart of this unbelievably professional performance, is a family of 70 awesomely talented children who are the real spectacle of this show. The utter brilliance of our pupils, who continue to overwhelm us, night after night, is what makes this musical accomplishment so wholeheartedly phenomenal. I am immensely proud of our team and of what we have achieved together this year. This was something very special.”

Les Misérables, School Edition

Les Misérables, School EditionLes Misérables, School EditionLes Misérables, School EditionLes Misérables, School EditionLes Misérables, School EditionLes Misérables, School EditionLes Misérables, School EditionLes Misérables, School EditionLes Misérables, School EditionLes Misérables, School Edition

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