Seaford’s Biomedical Society

Beccy Weir This year we have started up a new Biomedical Society for our Sixth Form students who are interested in medicine, veterinary, biology, pharmaceuticals, nursing and the wider research among these areas. We meet every other week for 2 hours with a range of activities for the students to explore and expand their knowledge and interests.

We started of this year by reading and discussing a research paper looking at the use of induced pluripotent stem cells to treat blindness caused by degeneration of the retinal cells. This in itself was a challenge to understand the complex medical terms and follow the procedures used. This led on to the students forming teams to debate both sides of various ethically and morally complex issues such as; whether doctors or relatives should have control of final medical decisions, should we be producing GM crops and is it cruel to keep animals in zoos? The students were also challenged to research a degenerative disease of their choice and present their findings to their peers. It was fascinating to see what the students chose and what they discovered from their research perspective.
Dr Underwood talks to our Biology A Level studentsAs well as working with Mr D’Agar and me our students have been lucky enough to have visits from 2 guest speakers. Dr Jack Underwood came to talk the students through his varied medical career, providing insight about the job from application through training and on to the breadth of options available. Joe Amin, an ex-Seaford pupil, recently presented his research into the evolution of the eye to our students who were amazed at the complexity of structures and techniques the natural world has created.

Learning from Dr Underwood“I like the fact that we get speakers from all different kinds of professions involved in the Biomedical world, which could potentially help us choose the right career in the future. I also enjoy how interactive the sessions are – debating and exploring the current issues in the Biomedical Society is my favourite part! Also, the interview preparation and skills that I’ve gained during the sessions have helped me with my university interview” – Maria Kuskova, Biomedical Student

Overall this society is a really great opportunity for the Sixth Formers, who either want to pursue a career within this subject or just have an outside interest in it, to explore beyond the classroom curriculum and stretch their thinking to incorporate wider views and approach concepts from new angles through the sharing of ideas with both peers and professionals. It has been an exciting start so far and we can’t wait to continue expanding our horizons, staff and students alike!

Miss Beccy Weir

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