Flight Week

The children check in for their flightAs part of our Creative Curriculum, the Prep School embarked upon Flight Week. With a range of educational and creative activities, the aim was to lay down conceptual understanding of essential themes required for the curriculum in future education.

Country fact sheetsThe children were divided up into six groups, made up of mixed ages, representing six countries – South Africa, Mexico, Italy, India, Canada and New Zealand. This enabled our younger and older children to work together in teams – collaboration is an essential skill for our children’s lives in the future.

Italy - Roast Pork with polenta


For lunch throughout the week they were treated to food from around the world. On Tuesday they had Vegetable Noodle Broth from Asia. Wednesday it was Chicken Curry from India. Thursday saw them having Roast Pork with Polenta and Gremolata from Italy and on Friday they were served a delicious Fish Stew with Tomatoes, Okra and Steamed Rice from Africa.

Captain Lily Venables KyrkeOn Monday, we were lucky to welcome back Old Seafordian, Captain Lily Venables Kyrke, who came in to give a very inspirational speech about her career as a pilot. Lily left Seaford in 2013 and is now flying for Air Lingus. She spoke about her journey to her dream job and how she became a pilot. She was inspired to follow her dream after taking part in the RAF section of Seaford’s CCF.

Seaford semaphoreOne of the activities the students got to experience was semaphore. In their group, they learnt how to position their flags to depict different letters and tried it out by sending messages to each other. They also had to decipher a message shown to them in semaphore and action what they had been told.

kite flying


Another activity had the children learning about how air resistance causes kites to fly. They explored how wind resistance might be changed with different kite designs which developed their understanding of the word ‘variable’ in Science and Mathematics. The activity also focused on communication through the clarity of instructional writing or verbal instructions as they followed instructions to make their kite.

The children had great fun then flying their structurally identical but colourful Kites across Springfield.

The children drop their eggs from the climbing wallFocussing on problem solving, the children moved onto our wonderful climbing wall to devise a way of dropping a raw egg from a great height without breaking it. The task involved solving the problem with a limited range of resources. The children experimented in groups with different designs considering all the variables that would influence the decent to the ground.

The children are delighted by our owl visitorsThe children were also lucky enough to meet have a visit from Andy and Kory from Owls About Town. They were captivated by Meg (a Little Owl aged 1), Ginny (a Tawny Owl aged 19) & Hazel (a European Eagle Owl aged 9). Andy spoke about flight, answered lots of interesting questions about owls and discussed the importance of conservation for wildlife.

Tangmere Military Aviation MuseumStudents visited Tangmere Military Aviation Museum where they marvelled at the impressive display of historic aircraft. When we spoke to some of the children about their visit, they were amazed by some of the things they had learnt: “Planes take air from underneath them to push them into the air” one told us. And another was impressed that: “Hurricanes were made from wood and cloth, and the Spitfire was made from metal”.

It was great to see the children so enthused by what they were learning in this new setting. Their learning wasn’t all factual – the children made full use of the different flight simulators at the museum whilst they were there.

Another activity had the groups challenged with making craft birds. It wasn’t a simple task however as they needed to make sure that their creations were symmetrical. This helped them gain a deeper understanding of symmetry and reinforced their learning in Maths.

Throughout the week, fun and learning was had by all. Here’s a video of the highlights for you to enjoy


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