Surrey Space Centre

Year 11 visit the Surrey Space CentreSix Year 11 Seaford students visited Surrey Space Centre as a reward for winning last year’s International Space Challenge at King Edward’s School. The students were treated to a guided tour of the control centre where the much heralded ‘Remove Debris Project’ was overseen and monitored. Students were then given a look at the facility where Surrey Satellite Technologies design and build their cutting edge satellites.

Sam French from Year 11 reflects on the day:

“The Space Centre trip was absolutely amazing. It was truly spectacular to see the development of humanity’s space programme.

The highlight of our trip would have to be the first hand viewing of an actual satellite that was due to be sent into space. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity.Surrey Space Centre

Our guide, Clement (Spanish, French and English speaker engineer), was an expert in his field and we learnt a huge amount about space, the science behind satellites and their functions.

Now, when I look into space, I won’t ever see it in same way again.”

Seaford visit Surrey Space Centre

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