Best Ever GCSE Results!

Hugs at Seaford with Fliss Hitchcock & Mariella HouwelingBest Ever GCSE Results for Seaford College! John Green’s Academic Strategy for Seaford pays dividends as record numbers achieve top new grade 9 score!

Seaford College is once again celebrating as students achieve their best ever results, this week for GCSE. John Green took up his role as Headmaster 5 years ago and is seeing his successful strategy for the school pay dividends, with the best ever A Level and GCSE results. His focus on Academic Seaford, his restructuring of the school and the increased focus on ambition for all pupils has led to these superb results. John Green said, “I’m immensely proud of what all of our students have achieved, we’ve consistently seen improvements each year and it’s great to see our best ever results for both GCSE and A Level. I am so proud of what we have achieved through teamwork with students, staff and parents. My academic strategy and culture of ambition is firmly embedded at all levels. The academic momentum and all-round ambition has seen success across every quartile; we have the best results across the board, from the academically gifted through to those that find the exam process a challenge.

Seaford's Headmaster John Green celebrating our best ever GCSE Results!We look forward to welcoming the highest number of Sixth Form students in Seaford’s history in the upcoming year, with not only a record number of returning students but a record number of new entrants. Despite these superb academic achievements, Seaford has maintained its core ethos and these results were achieved in a non-pressurised environment where students have also excelled in extra-curricular pursuits alongside their studies. Most importantly these results have been achieved with a smile on our students’ faces, in a happy and supportive community.”Seaford students celebrated success across our broad curriculum.
Mariella Houwelling with Seaford's Headmaster John Green & Fliss HitchcockNotable GCSE successes are: Felicity Hitchcock (from Alton) achieved six 9s, two 8s, 7 & 6. Kaj Pothecary (from Graffham) secured five 9s, two 8s & three 7s. Tomas Urnes (from Liss) gained four 9s, four 8s & two 7s. Eleanor Harper-Colman (from Chichester) with three 9s, three 8s, three 7s & 5. Rupert Blackwell (from Liphook) achieved three 9s, two 8s, 7, two 6s & two 5s. Francesca Richardson (from West Ashling) gained three 9s, 8, three 7s, 6&5. Max Bracewell (from Rugwick) with three 9s, 8, two 7s, two 6s & 5. Sophia Plaar (from Midhurst) achieved two 9s, four 8s, two 7s & 6. May Schofield (from Emsworth) with two 9s, four 8s, 7,6 &5. Mariella Houweling (from Chichester) two 9s, two 8s & six 7s. Charlie Gyles (from Graffham) achieved two 9s, two 8s, two 7s, three 6s &5. Lucy Pearce (from Petworth) with two 9s, two 8s, 7 & four 6s. Hugo Wilson (from Godalming) gained two 9s, two 8s, three 5s and two 4s. Caelan Stanton (Bognor Regis) from achieved two 9s, 8, two 7s, two 6s, 5. Isaac Mitchinson (from Loxwood) secured two 9s, six 7s, 6&5.

John Green added, “My vision when I took on the role as Headmaster was to increase the academic ambition of Seaford and these results are testament to the personal ambition our students have. I believe that ambition pays off! I introduced Challenge Grades, a system that regularly updates students with their progress, and gives them a Challenge Grade for the end of their course. If students work hard and have the ambition to succeed, we support them in every way to achieve their results. We have a tutoring system that enables regular updates and support and a world-class level of pastoral care that enables our students to thrive and achieve.”

Seaford's Headmaster John Green celebrating with teachersJohn added, “The teaching staff at Seaford have gone the extra mile and this is reflected in these superb results. Students commented that, “you couldn’t have done any more to prepare us for our exams, you’ve given us everything, it’s now down to us,” and this filled me with great confidence for both results days. Students have benefited from revision seminars, an extensive revision programme, a mock exam process and true wrap-around care.”

John Green said, “We’ve seen superb results across all subjects. English Language and English Literature have achieved phenomenal grade 9 results, bucking the national trend. English Language achieved 19% grade 9, and 23% Grade 8, with 42% of our students achieving the equivalent of what was the old A* grade in English. Impressively, 85% of students achieved 9-6 (A*-B) in English Language.” For English Literature we achieved 24% grade 9, and 15% grade 8, with 39% of our students achieving the equivalent of what was the old A* grade, with 77% of our students achieving English grades 9-6 (A*-B). For individual sciences we achieved 33% Grade 9, 44% Grade 8, which means 77% aSeaford's Head of English Hayley Johnson celebrating with her teamchieved what was the equivalent of the old A* grade with 100% achieving grades 9-6 (A*-B). When you take into account that the national average this year for students achieving grade 9 is 4.3% we have excelled and once again bucked the national trend.”

Head ofSeaford's Head of English Hayley Johnson (left) couldn't stop smiling today! English, Hayley Johnson couldn’t stop smiling today and said, “I didn’t think we could better the results from last year! This is down to a dedicated hardworking team and the hard work and ambition of students. The school culture of learning and the excellent pastoral support across the school is world-class.”
Ameila Farley celebrating with Head of Year 11 Joe FollowsJoe Follows, Director of Sixth Form (previously Head of Year 10 &11 for this GCSE cohort) proudly said: “Having supported the students through the entire GCSE process from the start of Year 10 right through to ‘the brown envelope moment’ that I quoted in my first assembly with them, I am absolutely thrilled to see the results of all the hard work the students and staff have put in. My tutors and I have ensured that the students have had clear aims and challenge grades throughout. We have been supportive in all their academicSeaford's Head of Year 11 Joe Follows celebrating Seaford's best ever GCSE Results lessons, whilst maintaining the wide variety of extra-curricular activities offered! I’m so proud, I couldn’t be happier today and excited for the next two years in Sixth Form.”

John Green added, “We take care and time to consider and support each and every pupil as an individual, which is at the heart of Seaford’s ethos both inside and outside of the classroom. We place immense value on the fact that our students across the ability range have coped with the increasing demands of the more rigorous new GCSE courses, and have done so whilst excelling as much outside of the classroom as they have within. They can all look forwards to Sixth Form with a real sense of ambition and purpose.

“We’ve seen a 35% increase in student number in the past 5 years and we now have waiting lists for all year groups. Seaford is attracting students from prestigious Prep Schools in the area and these results will further cement Seaford as the potential first choice school in the area.

“Seaford’s ethos is personal bests for every child and we have various strategies to achieve this. We carefully advise Seaford students when they come into Year 9 on the best combination of GCSE subjects for them. We then advise them again in Year 12 on the best pathway at Sixth Form. At this stage, this could be an academic pathway of purely A Levels, a vocational pathway with BTECs or a combination of the two. We want our students to get their personal bests whichever pathway they have followed, and we have also seen our best ever results for our Sixth Form students last week on results day. Seaford is proud to offer A Levels and BTECs and has a variety of different students in our community.”

Rupert Blackwell with Seaford's Director of Sport Liam DoublerHeadmaster John Green concluded, “Our pupils are increasingly ambitious in all aspects of their education, and we are immensely proud of all of their achievements across our diverse curriculum. The superb results this year demonstrate the undoubted strengthening academic core at the school.”




Seaford College offers a unique environment and inspiring personal ambition and success is part of its DNA.Fliss Hitchcock & her mum celebrating at Seaford College







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