Seaford girls share inspiring messages from Women of the Future Conference

Holly Gyles & Isobel Porter at the Women of the Future conference2017 marks the 20th year of girls at the school, and Seaford College is proud that over 30% of the students are now girls, and this number is constantly growing.

Earlier this year, some of Seaford’s Year 12 and Year 13 girls went to the Women of the Future Conference at Bloomberg, in London. The aim of the conference was to provide students with mentors and role models, strengthening the pipeline of talent among Britain’s younger women.

“We must inspire and engage the next generation of female talent, to ensure the issues of today are not the issues of tomorrow,” said Pinky Lilani CBE DL, founder of Women of the Future Programme. “So often, talking to women from a wide variety of backgrounds about these experiences, can change career aspirations and self-belief. Suddenly anything becomes possible: filmmaking, law, engineering and even racing cars!”

The event included talks from inspirational women from industries ranging from film and fashion to renewable energy. The talks were followed by a networking event with over 200 Ambassadors from industry where the girls gained invaluable advice and contacts for the future.

Jessica Randall-May at the Women of the Future conference Head Girl Isabel Anderson at the Women of the Future conference

As part of Seaford’s celebrations of 20 years of girls at the school, the girls who attended the conference recently shared their knowledge and experience of the event with other students in an assembly at Seaford. The girls all spoke confidently about what a positive experience they had, and how the event helped inspire them.

Jessica Randall-May and Daisy Hanbury taking their Assembly

We spoke to each of them about the conference, who inspired them, what they took out of it, and more in these two videos.


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