Seaford Prep School take on their first swimming galas

The Seaford Prep School Swimming SquadThe Summer term has sprung a new sport into the calendar, with Seaford Prep School taking on their first two swimming galas, and here Seaford PE teacher Patrick Disley-May reports on the events.

Originally starting as a few pupils interested in an enjoyable swimming activity, it was not long until competition was rife, and we soon noticed some natural talent parading up and down the pool. There was an air of enthusiasm amidst the Prep School when we confirmed our very first galas, and this made the training suddenly become slightly more serious.

The first gala against Great Ballard was a nervous affair, as not many had swam in a competitive race before. Nevertheless the U9s, U10s, and U11s squads all swam fantastically well and provided a strong sense of competitiveness, and most importantly, enjoyment. As this was our very first gala, we looked to get an understanding of what we were capable of and what is required to better ourselves.

Our next event was only a day later, so there wasn’t much time to review and recover. The U10s, U11s and U12s travelled to Cumnor House to compete in a triangular which also involved Brighton College. This was a well organised gala which seemed daunting to some of the pupils as the other schools compete regularly against each other and in bigger competitions elsewhere. Regardless of this, Seaford showed up in force, not only to win races but also to finish with a score only marginally different from Brighton themselves. Once again our students made the school proud, and got invites to other competitions being run throughout the year.

Overall it seems like the Seaford College Prep School squad have made a big entrance into a new world and shown a promising future. A huge well done to all who participated and those who have been attending training so far.

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