Enthusiasm for tennis growing at Seaford

Tennis at Seaford CollegeDuring the summer term at Seaford College, one of the most familiar sights is students playing tennis on the numerous courts around the school grounds. The sport is thriving and students are now playing tennis during their games and PE sessions, and can be on court for up to three hours a week.

James Bird, the Head of Tennis at Seaford College is delighted that so many students are getting access to the sport. “The students are playing lots of tennis throughout the week and the sport is definitely growing at Seaford College,” he said after a training session last week. “The number that are playing tennis is increasing and the students are enjoying the sport and want to play it more and more.”

James has worked at Seaford College over the past two and a half years and this is his first year as Head of Tennis at the School.  He worked as a professional coach before taking on the role at Seaford College and he says he is really enjoying working with the students. “The facilities here at Seaford are wonderful, the children are fantastic and I am getting great support from the other staff,” James said last week. “I am getting to work with more and more students and my number one priority is to get as many children as possible to have a taste of the game and grow participation within the school.”

Seaford have a busy fixture schedule for all age groups in both the Prep School and the Senior School during the Summer Term. “Another of my aims is to spend more individual time with those students that are already involved in team play,” James commented. “We can then work on their individual skills and give them a platform to improve. We are then covering the sport from participation to performance and hopefully giving every student the coaching they need.”

Having worked in the professional game for many years, James is now focusing all his skills on the students at Seaford College. “I am loving working at the school. The challenges are very different to my previous life as a professional tennis coach but to immerse yourself in a school like Seaford is superb and I am really enjoying it.”

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