Former Seafordian returns to test innovative new computer system

Alex Macpherson and Seaford studentAlex Macpherson, a former Seafordian, is currently in his third year at Warwick University, studying Computer Science. He recently returned to Seaford for a research visit as part of his dissertation project.

Alex has to design and implement a project of his own choice for his dissertation, and he has focused on the education technology market, and has been developing a system that’s similar to one that Seaford currently uses, the Firefly system. We interviewed Alex about his project and his time at Seaford, which you can watch in the video, or read more about below.

“I’m taking more of a graphical approach to it. A lot of the systems used by schools are quite limited in scope. The gap in the market I’ve identified is essentially being able to very quickly and easily show how a student is doing through the year, on a graphic that shows their performance. Rather than a student having to wait every term or every half term to get their Challenge Grades and results, they could get them as soon as they’re assignment is graded.”

In order to gain some real feedback, Alex returned to Seaford, to test the system with teachers and current students, and he found the process incredibly useful. “The way the system’s being developed, it’s important to know that it’s as usable as possible, being a system that’s for teachers, students, parents and school admin staff.”

Alex Macpherson

Alex was at Seaford College from 2009 to 2014, and he thoroughly enjoyed returning. “It’s such a delight to be walking around the grounds again, bringing all the memories flooding back.  It’s great to see all the changes and improvements that Mr Green’s making as well, like the new sports hall.”

During his time at Seaford, Alex took part in the Young Enterprise scheme, and he found that incredibly useful in generating an entrepreneurial mindset. “Doing the Young Enterprise really set me up for what I’m doing now. It taught us to think for ourselves, take risks, and not be afraid to go with our instincts.”

Paul Bain, Director of Studies at Seaford, was full of praise for the former student. “Alex was one of our best students when he was here, and it’s lovely to welcome him back, and get some of the students to meet him. The system he’s come up with is fantastic, and I’ve no doubt he’s going to be very successful in his career. As a role model, for our students, it’s brilliant to have someone like him back here.”

Seaford College clearly left its mark on Alex: “I met so many great friends here. Seaford College isn’t just a school, it’s like a family of people. When you leave, you take the friendships and connections you made with you. It’s made us who we are today.”

Everyone here would like to wish Alex the best of luck in his future endeavours!

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