This is how we rock at Seafordstock!

Seaford College Seafordstock 2016 5 webSeafordstock, which took place on Wednesday night is Seaford’s annual Rock & Pop concert where students get to showcase their talents.  Similar to Glastonbury 2016 the concert suffered from terrential rain and high winds, so for the first time in Seafordstock history the concert moved from the terraces behind Mansion to the Assembly Hall.  The new location proved to be an excellent venue for a ‘eurphoric’ evening of rock and pop music.

The audience was treated to a range of different songs and styles, featuring everything from The White Stripe’s Seven Nation Army, expertly sung by Year 9 band v8s, to the moving tribute to Prince sung by Issy Johnstone who appropriately sang Purple Rain.     Seaford College Seafordstock 2016 3 web





Seaford’s Headmaster John Green led by example with his rendition of John Denver’s Take me Home Country Roads.  John is inspiring students to do their personal bests.

Sara Reynolds, who organised the event, said: “Seafordstock is getting better and better each year, it’s growing and growing. All the students performed so well, they are my rock stars, and I am looking forward to doing it all again next year.”

Seaford College Seafordstock 2016 1 web





Seaford College Seafordstock 2016 8 webSeaford College Seafordstock 2016 6 webSeaford College Seafordstock 2016 4 web





Seaford College Seafordstock 2016 9 web





Seaford College Seafordstock 2016 7 webSeaford College Seafordstock 2016 2 web













Seaford College Seafordstock 2016 11 web






A big thank you to Peter Viccari (from Viccari Wheel Ltd for the professional videos.

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