Seaford College stages entertaining sports day

Seaford College 2016 Sports Day 1Seaford College 2016 Sports Day 2Seaford College 2016 Sports Day 3Seaford College enjoyed a very successful sports day that featured some fantastic performances and extremely close contests. The points were tallied throughout the afternoon and Charmandean house came out on top above last year’s winners, Adair.

We have some very strong and promising young athletes coming through the school, with the junior Victorludorum and Charmandean captain, Ash Goodwin, winning several events. The junior Victrixludorum was Martha Crosdil, also from Charmandean. These are the two junior athletes who scored the most points for their house.

Year 9 pupil Tom Page broke the school 1500m record and Xenia Truman, also in Year 9, set a new Seaford triple jump record.

“It was lovely to see so many seniors in attendance, many of whom had already finished their studies and exams,” said Georgie Sims, Head of Charmandean house. “Reuben Truman was the senior Victorludorum and Rosey Grant was the senior Victrixludorum, both of whom won several events.”

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