Seaford College Year 13 pupil Hudson Greig wins poetry prize

Seaford College pupil Hudson Greig wins Peacock Poetry PrizeWe are very pleased to announce that Hudson Greig, a Year 13 student at Seaford College, has been awarded the Peacock Poetry Prize, part of the 50th Brighton Festival.

Entrants were asked to write on the theme of ‘Celebration’ and Hudson’s poem Anniversary, which you can read below, won him a place in the finals on 26 May. At the final Hudson performed his poem in front of a large audience along with the other finalists, and we are delighted that he was awarded the overall prize by judge and professional performance poet, Dean Atta.

Hudson has developed his writing skills through the school’s Creative Writing A Level course and is hoping to read English and History at Queen’s Belfast. We also hope he continues to write creatively and wish him every success in the future.


Anniversary // Lavender

Breath in.

Red face, eyes wide, cheeks ready to burst.

Breath out.

Ten smoking candles, extinguished.

Streamers suspended from plastic barrels,

The air spiced with gunpowder.

Sticky fingers passing parcels.

Bitter-sweet; lemonade and cake.

Red rubber landmines, sugar-fuelled screams;

A helium chorus calling in The Anniversary

Of pain; love lost, and gained.


Breathe in.

Red face, eyes wide, chest ready to burst.

Breathe out.

Heart racing, resting, slowing


Spilled tea, perfumed grit; violet myrrh.

Sandy knees, salty face,

Compressed chest. Crushed sandcastles.

The ambulance couldn’t get this far.

Mother can taste the sea on his lips,

Taste his last lavender breath in the air;

Fading with the wind.


Breathe in.

Red face, eyes wide, stomach ready to burst.

Breathe out.


White light, curtain walls, crushed hands and nitrous screams.

A breath in. A breath out. A decade after,

And with a scream; I’m a father.


Breathe in.

Red face, eyes wide, tears ready to burst.

Breathe out.

A tiny hand finds its way into mine,

And I lift a smiling face to find

My father’s eyes.

Happy birthday. I love you. Both.

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