Exciting new developments underway at Seaford College

Seaford College development masterplan - sports hall assembly & performing arts hallWork is underway on the construction of an all new and incredibly exciting sports hall/creative arts centre extension, which will feature a dance studio, cardio gym, performance/conditioning training area, spin classroom, state of the art outdoor enclosed climbing wall, changing facilities and a new combined assembly hall/performing arts centre able to accommodate more than 700 pupils. Both projects are part of Seaford College’s development masterplan, which also includes a new CCF/outdoor education centre and a potential new academic classroom block and Sixth Form centre.

The first stage of work on Seaford College’s new covered swimming complex has also been finished, with the renovations to the pool itself now completed. The covering structure will be added over the summer.

The project [temporary] builds on the heritage of swimming at Seaford, which dates back to county swimming champion Joscelyn Johnson joining the school’s academic staff in 1944. At the College she met and later married Charles Johnson, who was Seaford’s headmaster for more than 46 years, and Joscelyn was the driving force behind the school deciding to build an on-site pool.

John Green, Headmaster of Seaford College, said: “With an increase in pupil numbers of more than 20 per cent throughout the College over the past two years, the new developments will add immensely to the all-round, dynamic and inclusive education we are all so proud of at Seaford. Indeed it is an incredibly exciting time to be involved with Seaford both inside and outside of the classroom.”


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