Seaford College Chapel Choir singing with Jonathan Antoine in London encore

web3bSeaford College Chapel Choir has been invited back for an encore with Jonathan Antoine at his London concert on 19 January. Labelled the ‘Teenage Pavarotti’ by the press, Jonathan rose to fame when he and former singing partner Charlotte Jaconelli came second in the finals of Britain’s Got Talent in 2012. They went on to sign a record deal with Simon Cowell and release two hugely successful Top 5 albums.

The Chapel Choir sang to great acclaim with Jonathan at his Eastbourne concert in November, at which they also gave solo performances before joining Jonathan again for the encore, which was met with a standing ovation. Jonathan was so impressed with the standard of their singing that he congratulated the Choir while on stage, before adding that he hoped “to sing with Seaford again in the future”.web2b
Tracy Antoine, Jonathan’s manager, said: “The choir performed beautifully, as we knew they would, but it was very special for Jonathan to have them there on a personal level – feeling secure in the knowledge they would be excellent but lovely too! I think Sara did a pretty good job teaching him, as I’m sure you’d agree!”

When Jonathan heard he would be singing with the Chapel Choir again he took to social media, saying: “Thank you for agreeing to sing with me again in January.”

Sara Reynolds, Head of Voice & Choirs at Seaford College, taught Jonathan at the Junior Royal Academy from the age of 15. Jonathan clearly enjoyed learning with Sara and praised her on stage at the concert, proudly saying: “Sara was my vocal teacher at the Junior Royal Academy in the primary stages of building my voice to what it is now so if anyone here is to blame, it’s Sara!”


Links to videos from the performance at Eastbourne

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