Can Seaford’s Mock Election Help You Decide Who to Vote for?

Seaford College Mock Elections 2015In preparation for the General Election, Seaford College’s Sixth Form held a mock election with a twist: they voted on the basis of policies, not parties. The voters did not know what parties they would be voting for, and the candidates, Christian Disley-May, Lucas Streeter, Hugo Dean and Michael Laird, did not know what parties they were representing.

Watch the videos below where the candidates outline the policies of the four main parties regarding the key election issues of Education, Economy, Law and Order, and the NHS, and decide which candidate you would vote for. Seaford’s Sixth Form were suprised with the results – will you be?












Who did you choose? Christian Disley-May was representing the Conservatives, Lucas Streeter Labour, Hugo Dean the Liberal Democrats and Michael Laird UKIP.

Follow the link to read more about the Mock Election:




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