Seaford Netball Update February 2015

Seaford Netball Tour In GibraltarThe netball teams from the Senior School have displayed great improvement so far this term. The U15s A Team and U14s A Team have put on good displays, with wins over St John’s Southsea and The Royal. The 2nd Team have also had a particularly good season so far, winning 3 out of 4 matches, with a strong 29-19 victory against Worth.

Georgie Sims, PE Teacher, Netball Coach and Head of Girls in the Middle School, said: ‘There’s been huge improvement in the time I’ve been here. The 1st Team are getting close to beating teams like Christ’s Hospital, who they have struggled against in the past. The senior teams are showing a lot of growth, and on our tour to Gibraltar the 1st Team won a netball tournament there. Holly Graham was picked out by the Gibraltar Netball Association as Player of the Tournament out of all the U18 teams, which was a fantastic achievement.’

The netball tour in October half term to Gibraltar was a huge success, and the winning team was even featured on television in Gibraltar. As well as winning the tournament, the girls managed to fit in some sightseeing and other activities too. The trip included a visit to Terifa, where students enjoyed beach activities including paddleboarding. The Winning 1st Team

Georgie Sims added: ‘We really enjoyed the tour. Climbing the Rock of Gibraltar was a real triumph. It was 3 hours of heat and a very steep hill! People were going past us on a bus and wondering what we were doing. We also suffered a few monkey incidents too. Miss Teague [PE Teacher] had her cereal bar stolen, a monkey just ripped it out of her hand. A monkey stole my bag, which the girls found hilarious.’

The tour group at the top of the Rock of Gibraltar‘Looking forward to the rest of the season, we have some exciting games to come against sides like Lavant House and Hurst. I think the teams will continue to grow, and I think we will see some good results.’

To read more about Georgie Sims’ role as a ‘go to’ person for girls in the Middle School CLICK HERE.



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