Prep School Netball Teams Enjoy Hugely Successful Season

The Seaford Prep School 1st Team at the Prebendal TournamentPrep School Netball continues to grow in strength with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams being undefeated in their regular matches. Their only losses have come from tournament games, and there are now five Prep School teams competing.

Georgie Sims, PE teacher and netball coach, praised the ‘promising’ teams and said: “They’re doing really well and it’s really exciting for the future. We’re teaching the same thing to the Prep girls as the Seniors, so they will really benefit from having been trained so well from an early age. The Year 2s we have at the moment are great; their ball control is already fantastic.”

All the netball teams at Seaford College are trained by specialist coaches Georgie Sims, Lauren Bryant and Stacey Daniel, all of whom play netball regionally. Sims played for the national team until she came to teach at Seaford.

Lauren Bryant, who heads up the coaching team at the Prep School, said: “The 1st team competed at the U13 Prebendal tournament and convincingly beat four out of the five schools. They lost to Prebendal by one goal, and so they were runners up on this occasion. The U11 team are our strongest yet, with a number of U10s playing up, and they have won five out of their six games so far this season.”

“For the first time ever, we have entered the IAPS netball competition for the U13s, who are working hard to prepare for this tournament. The competition will see 30 south region teams competing for a place at nationals.”

“Overall, it has been a superb start to the Prep School netball season. We are extremely proud of all the players have achieved and look forward to seeing these talented girls come through in the future.”

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