Holly Graham’s Aspirations for Life after A Levels

Hollyweb1Holly Graham is studying for her A Levels at Seaford College and is definitely one to watch for the future.  She is planning an exciting career as an opera singer and hopes to travel all over the world.  Holly was also lucky enough to sing the solo at the Gary Barlow concert that Seaford College Choir performed at last year.

Name Holly Graham

Age 18

Hometown Shackleford, Surrey

Summary of achievements

I study at the Junior Royal Academy of Music and was presented with the prestigious Elton John Award. At the 2014 Godalming Festival, I achieved 1st in German Lieder, 2nd in Italian Aria, 2nd in Sacred song and 1st in Oratorio. I went on to win the overall Opera trophy for adults and juniors. I won a Music Scholarship at Seaford College, where I was fortunate to be the lead singer at the Gary Barlow concert in Bournemouth last year. I have also won the Fine Art prize and Most Promising Musician prize at Seaford. I have an Internship at the designer Michael Kors in New York in summer 2015, which I’m really excited about.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m very down to earth; my talents have evolved during my time at Seaford. Seaford has given me the freedom to flourish and let me be who I want to be. I’m passionate about music and art. I have been described as having an inner calmness when performing. I’m confident and gutsy; I have 2 brothers who made me do things if they knew I could do them e.g. jumping off of a rock on holiday. I was competitive with them, now I make myself do things that I know I’ll find challenging, I’m scared of regretting not doing something. I like to keep busy and have a get up and go personality; I have to always be busy so I fill my life with the Junior Royal Academy of Music, riding, art and running. I’m very relaxed and calm. I’m modest, not a diva, I find it odd to be idolised by younger students at Seaford. I’m not into self-promotion but understand the need for it.

What is it that inspires you?

Fashion designers, particularly Dolce & Gabbana and the opera singer Rene Fleming. I’m really inspired watching opera and ballet. My family inspire me, everyone is very creative and there are always lots of creative ideas being discussed. Seaford has a very creative environment and students, who inspire me every day at school. At the Junior Royal Academy of Music everyone wants to be there and the drive and desire of my peers is very inspiring.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Working as an opera singer all over the world, I’d love to make my own costumes. I’d love to combine my passion for textiles and music. I love the fact that opera in particular incorporates every art form to the extreme. The make up, wigs, costumes, lighting, programme, amphitheatre, props, set, even tickets have been designed to the highest standard. Finally the creativity in the music, instrumentalists and singers is phenomenal.

How do you like to relax in your spare time?

I don’t relax! No seriously I love riding and love horses. My horse is someone I can always talk to and I love spending time in the fresh air and countryside. It’s my zone out time for recharging. I also run which helps me relax. I find I get creative ideas during these activities.
What would be your top tip for other pupils hoping to follow in your path?

Keep every door open, try very hard at everything you do to really establish what you like and are good at. Be considerate to other people, build contacts and have as many friends as possible. If you are talented and have people on your side you’ll do well.

Follow the link to see Holly singing with Gary Barlow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdpiSXaFJoM

Follow the link to see Holly and the choir in rehearsal with ITV Meridian filming:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYjJXDufuE0

Holly Singing with Gary Barlow

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Holly Graham’s AS Textiles work

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