Profile: John Doy, Head of English and Academic Enrichment

John DoyPosition: Head of English & Head of Academic Enrichment
Education: A Levels – English, History, French
Oxford, Mansfield College, 2:1 English Language & Literature

What did you do after graduating from university?
Initially I worked as a researcher and writer for a legal reference book. I then travelled extensively in the Middle East, before spending three hectic and enjoyable years as a live gallery producer on a TV auction channel.

When did you decide to go into teaching?
I wasn’t using my degree as much as I wanted to in my working life, so I did a PGCE at King’s College London, which led to three years teaching in a state school in Watford. After that, I went to work at The British School of Brussels and was appointed Head of Department after a couple of years. Four years later, I came back to the UK and took up my role at Seaford as Head of the English Department.

Do you think your work experience before your PGCE helps you with your teaching career?
I suppose trying to motivate a sleepy production team at six in the morning to make a pile of towels look interesting is a bit like trying to sell John Keats to Year 10.

Why do you enjoy teaching at Seaford?
There’s a lovely view from my window, and the staff are interesting and friendly. I like the range of students you get here too; it’s satisfying working with really bright students but I also enjoy helping those students who have struggled with English in the past. Also, I grew up in Sussex and always loved the South Downs so I feel very at home here.

What do you do to relax in you spare time?
I love music and used to play in bands, so I like going to gigs with my friends. I still write songs for fun – finding people to play them is a challenge I’m working on. I have two small sons now so most of my spare time is spent messing around with them. I like reading and watching films too.

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