John Doy, Head of Academic Enrichment

John Doy teaching an English lessonSeaford’s Head of English, John Doy, is also Head of Academic Enrichment and his role is to help the academically gifted to reach their full potential. In his role he coaches students through the Oxbridge application process, has set up a mentoring system allowing students to have one to one time with the Head of Department in the subject they are specialising in, and the chance to be stretched beyond the curriculum in their subject. His role is essentially to stretch the academic scholars at Seaford. Alex Hodson, Upper Sixth, who plans to read Medicine added: ‘Seaford stretches us academically but there is no pressure. I really enjoy exploring ideas with my mentor and the extra work I do beyond the curriculum is really stimulating. I feel supported to do well and achieve my full potential.’

John Doy explained that he sees his role as an SEN role (Special Educational Needs) for the Gifted & Talented students at Seaford. John Green, Headmaster said: ‘Seaford excels at providing learning enrichment at all levels. The academically gifted need to be supported and stretched to make sure they achieve their potential. The new role reflects Seaford’s ethos: to inspire personal ambition and success so that personal bests are achieved inside and outside the classroom. John has studied at Oxford University and is in a great position to guide and mentor students.’

Seaford supports Freddie Miller at both ends of the SEN spectrum. Freddie is a Gifted and Talented student, and he is applying to Oxbridge to read Physics or Maths. He is coached by John Doy and as part of the Academic Enrichment programme he has a mentor in the subjects he is specialising in. Freddie also benefits from Seaford’s Learning Support department, giving him the strategies to work with his Dyslexia.

John Doy is taking the Gifted and Talented group to Portsmouth Grammar School, for an Oxbridge Conference. He is demystifying the whole Oxbridge application process for the students. John Doy said: ‘I will guide them through what the university is looking for. All universities want to see that candidates can demonstrate an interest in their specialist subject both inside and outside the classroom’.

John Doy added: ‘we have 18 months to prepare; I make sure students are saying the right things on their application forms. Alongside their mentor, we make sure they are reading the right books and doing the right things to put them in the best position for success. We stretch students beyond the curriculum’.

Seaford identifies potential students for the programme in Year 11. These students then get the opportunity to be mentored by the sixth form students on the programme. Students feed off of one another’s enthusiasm for their specialist subjects. Teachers who are mentoring also find this extremely rewarding.

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