Year 9 create their own book, Fear

Fearp1LRA group of talented students in Year 9 have created their own book. Fear is a shortlisted collection of poetry and prose written and illustrated by the students. George Vernon teaches the class English and said: “The class is a really creative and expressive group. It’s made up of a group of students that don’t naturally pick up and pen & pencil due to their processing difficulties”. George wanted to tap into their creativity and allow them to experience different forms of poetry and writing. He wanted them to see their work in print and understand the process of writing, editing, illustrating and producing their own book. The theme of fear came from exploring their personal horrors and anxieties, then expressing their fears in the most effective and creative form.  George said: “They really needed to explore the darker sides of their imagination. The students found it very liberating to have the freedom to express this side of themselves”. Hugo Wilson wrote the piece “Above and Beyond the Call of Duty” and dedicated it to his Great Grandfather, who was stabbed in the eye by a German during the battle of the Somme in 1914. Hugo said: “He was left on the battlefield to die but was then rescued by his pals. He was very brave and told me some great stories”.

Follow this link to read Fear 

If you would like a copy of the book please email George Vernon

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