New roles for Georgie Sims and Kasia Miliam supporting the girls

GEORGIE2webCongratulations to Georgie Sims who has been appointed Head of Girls in the Middle School and Kasia Miliam as Head of Girls Sixth Form. The roles are to support the girls at Seaford and offer an immediate ‘go to’ person for the girls. Both have ambitious and exciting plans for the girls at Seaford.

Georgie Sims
1. How long have you worked at Seaford College and in what roles?
I started working at Seaford in September 2011 having just graduated from The University of Chichester. I have been teaching PE alongside many other very rewarding and enjoyable roles, such as a tutor, head of Charmandean house, assistant head of year nine and now Head of girls in the middle school.

2. When you were at school did you always want to be a netball coach?

I have played netball since I can remember. I also enjoyed helping out with some of the younger teams at my club as I grew up. I think coaching netball was where my love for teaching actually came from. Coaching the girls here at Seaford has been such an incredible experience, watching them make so much progress. I had so many compliments last season about our senior girls’ team, and how lovely they were, that it just made me so proud. I am hoping for another fantastic season this year for all teams!

3. Why is it that girls mainly play netball?

Netball is a very traditional game for girls to play across the UK. It is a fast and dynamic game that requires a high amount of speed and strength, combined with the ability to discipline your body. The game has developed a great deal in the past 10 years, with far more TV exposure and awareness. I actually found at University that the males on the course fell in love with netball and really worked hard to learn the disciplines of the game. The boys and girls here had great fun playing in the mixed netball tournament last season, which we aim to repeat this year as it was such a huge success.

4. What is your new role at Seaford and what does it entail?

I have really enjoyed my first term as head of girls in the middle school. I feel that I know the girls really well anyway, and hope that I am an approachable person to act as another level of support for our girls. We are so very proud of each and every one of them and want to ensure that their education is a very positive one! The first half term has seen a lot of nagging about uniform, but I must say that the girls really are making an effort to take more pride in their appearance. My aim is to teach them all that they do not need make up and short skirts to feel good about themselves and to have the confidence to not let these worries affect them as much as they sometimes do. It has been fantastic to start our girls meetings in the pink house, which are a great opportunity to chat openly about school life. There shall be more of this to come as the year progresses.

5. What are your key attributes that got you the role?

I like to think that I am approachable, as I have mentioned, meaning that the girls can always come to me with any worries or concerns. I genuinely care about the students and really want for them to do their best in school. I like to be really organised and hope that this will help me to plan some exciting things for the girls this year. I really give my all to everything I do and intend to make sure I do a good job looking out for our girls.

6. Did you board at school?

I did not go to boarding school, but have said on many occasions over the past couple of years how much I would have loved to have boarded at a school like this. I see how much work the girls get done during their time in the evenings and how much fun they also have; mixing all of this with spending more time with your friends; I am sold on the whole idea of boarding!

7. What is boarding at Seaford like for girls?

The house this year has had a lovely feel to it. The new ideas that Miss Prince Isle has brought to the house have taken the house from strength to strength. The quiet reading time is really working well and has helped mean that the prep time is calm and productive for all. The girls have heaps of freedom in their spare time to socialise with friends and take part in various activities. It seems a very happy and positive place to be right now, which is reflected in the fact that we are bursting at the seams.

8. Do you live onsite? If so what’s it like living at Lavington Park?

I have just moved into mansion house at the end of the summer holidays. I am so fortunate to be living in such a beautiful flat and not many people can say that they live in a mansion. The park is just stunning and I cannot wait to get a dog and really start to make the most of the grounds. The boarding house is very vibrant and a friendly place to be and I love that so many other people are on site too.

9. What events do you hope to plan in your new role?

I do not want to give too much away, but we have been talking as a school about ways that we can get the students to socialise more outside of their usual friendship group and to develop strong relationships with others. I am hoping that this will be an exciting year.

10. Your job is very busy what do you do in your spare time to relax?
My first love was netball. I am fortunate enough to still play on a Sunday in regional league, which is hard work but so very rewarding. I think it is really important to keep doing the things that you love if you can fit them in around a busy schedule. Having had to limit the amount of netball that I do has made it even more precious to me. I spent my childhood playing netball every day of the week! I also like to see friends and family whenever I can and really look forward to holiday time when I can catch up with all of the people that I go months on end without seeing.






Kasia Miliam

1. How long have you worked at Seaford College and in what roles?

I joined Seaford in September 2006 to work as a maths teacher. I later became Second in the Maths Department supporting Mr Kettlewell. I have also worked on creating the Option Blocks for years 9 and 12, with the aim of enabling all to pursue their chosen subjects.

2. When you were at school did you always want to be a maths teacher?

In the sixth form I changed my mind about what I wanted to study at University, I ended up choosing Maths over Law. It was after I had finished my studies at Bristol University and then taken a gap year abroad, that I decided that I wanted to teach maths.

3. What is the most exciting thing about teaching maths?

From my point of view it has always been about the challenge of solving problems. Maths helps to develop the problem solving skills which everyone needs at some point. I find it intriguing to observe as students use what they have learnt to go on to develop strategies of their own, to tackle and overcome difficult problems. It makes me feel proud to see what they have achieved.

4. What is your new role at Seaford and what does it entail?

I will be Head of Sixth Form Girls. In short, my job will be to ensure the highest standard of girls’ care in the Sixth Form. I will be working closely together with Miss Sims. We want to strengthen the support network for all girls in the school.

5. What are your key attributes that got you the role?

I don’t know exactly! I hope that my genuine enjoyment of working with the Sixth Form came across. I have been inspired by watching our students progress through the school and become confident, well rounded individuals by the time they leave. I remain in contact with some of the girls who have left the College, and enjoy hearing about their lives at University, their aims for the future and also their reflections back on their time at Seaford. This has given me insight into our strengths, and also what can be built upon further; I hope to apply this knowledge and understanding in order to improve the overall provision for our students.

6. Your job will be very busy what do you do in your spare time to relax?

Life will be very busy! I have an adorable baby daughter; I love spending time with her and watching her grow and learn. I am making the most of the remainder of my Maternity Leave before returning full-time to Seaford in March 2015.

7. Being on Maternity Leave, do you miss Seaford?

Yes, although I love every minute with my daughter too. I have the best of both worlds at the moment: I remain in close and daily contact with some of my colleagues and I am absorbed in planning for my new role. It is all very exciting. Taking this temporary step back to care for my daughter has helped me to better appreciate the qualities Seaford has, especially its strong sense of community. Between our students, there is such a wealth of experiences and skills and cultural backgrounds, and we have a framework of extremely supportive members of staff. I miss particularly these aspects of Seaford.

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