Seaford College were delighted to be able to host the Firewalk Theatre Company from Spain on their Winter tour of the UK, presenting their successful play El Camino de Santiago”.  The play recounted the travels of an itinerant Magician and his daughter as he tries to regain his past fame.

The audience of students studying Spanish from Seaford College, and from three other visiting schools (Hurtwood, Worth and Farlington) were magically involved in the whole process: when Santiago the Magician set up his pitch in the street, the audience became the fascinated pedestrians that witnessed and participated in the “street magic”.

Volunteers were invited up on to the stage, and chose cards from a shuffled pack, folded large handkerchiefs and whatever else they were commanded by Santiago. The effects were mesmerising: a sword passing harmlessly through the assistant’s neck, goblets that were shown to be empty, mystically refilling with water. The finale involved Santiago getting into a solid box and disappearing before our very eyes.

The main trick was that the show was delivered in Spanish, and the distraction was the magic that transcended language barriers. The whole performance was amazingly professional, great entertainment, and good exposure to Spanish Language. “¡Fantástico!”

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