Everywoman Event 2pm on Wednesday 29th January 2014 – Seaford College – Open to All

Further Information about the Everywoman event:

On the 29th of January local award winning business woman, Helen Pattinson, founder of Chichester based Montezuma’s – the exceptional chocolate manufacturer – will join a host of Modern Muses who will come to Seaford to encourage and inspire its girls to look at all the different opportunities available to them through the world of work.

Karen Gill MBE and Maxine Benson MBE, co-founders of the organisation everywoman, will open the event. Established in 1999, everywoman seeks to increase the number and raise the status of women in the economic community; an objective highly regarded by government, businesses and educationalists – all of whom recognise the huge advantage of increasing women’s economic contribution.

Keynote speaker, Liz Jackson MBE, Managing Director of the highly acclaimed national marketing agency, Great Guns Marketing, will share her incredible story. Starting her business at the same time as learning she was to lose her sight, she is living proof that your ‘vision’ can never be too big.

Also joining for an interactive panel discussion are: Melanie Eusebe, a Management Consultant who has worked with the big global consultancies, such as Ernst & Young and IBM and Helen McGhee, a young tax consultant who works with city firm, Squire Partners.

The afternoon, which begins at 2pm and goes through till 5.30pm, will give the pupils, parents and teachers the opportunity to get a real view of the variety of career options open to girls today. Sara Carr, Head Girl says: “It’s a great opportunity to find out how other women have succeeded in business.” Seaford College is also extending invitations to other schools in the West Sussex area.

The key message will be that every girl has her own unique talent. It’s about exploring one’s own personal interests and skills and finding out where those talents might best be utilised. Whether that’s in one of the professions or in retail, sales or as an entrepreneur.

Karen Gill MBE, co-founder of everywoman says: “The Modern Muse project was launched by everywoman three years ago to inspire and engage the next generation of female talent through showcasing the talents and achievements of women today. We are passionate about exposing young girls to a much wider pool of role models to counteract the overload of celebrity role models via the many media channels they access today, which can have worrying outcomes.”

Maxine Benson MBE, co-founder of everywoman also commented;: “We get asked time and time again, why focus on women and girls?” The answer, she says, is quite compelling, “Although we make-up on average 50% of the population in most countries, and girls in the UK outperform boys at all levels in education, once we enter the outside world we are under-represented in every area of influence. On the global stage, there are over 190 heads of state but only nine are women, just 13% of parliament members worldwide are women. And in the business world here in the UK there are less than 15% females at main board level in our major corporate organisations and only one or two female CEO’s of FTSE companies. It is imperative that we utilise the talents of our young women, to do this they need to be given the same aspirations as our young men, this will only happen if they see the same opportunities are open to them.”

For further information about the Modern Muse event at Seaford College please contact

Sarah Twigger 01798 867865  stwigger@seaford.org

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