Year 9 Carousel spins into action

seaford college year 9





Please find the following information about our new year 9 carousel that started this week

Small groups of students (9 in a group) spend 3 weeks on each of the activities listed below so that by the end of the year they have tried them all

The First session on Wednesday morning went very well with lots of positive feedback


Financial Awareness J. Stroudley L1
Drama J. Askew Assembly Hall
Music S. Buckman/J.Weaver Music Room
Cooking A.Shaw Food Tech
Empathy Skills Father Michael M5
Self Defence P.Barnett Assembly Hall
Bush Craft C. Sayles Outside!! (meet at Assembly Hall)
DIY Skills C. Askew DT
Dance Becky Yates Music Recital Room
Public Speaking Lambda team Senior Dining Hall

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