Year 12 in Wales – the team played well!

Wet-dry-wet-dry – not the weather forecast, although it was a topic of conversation, but a four-word summary of the crazy activities the new Year Twelve students participated in when we bussed them to the oldest inhabited part of Wales – Denbighshire.

They dived, thrived, lived and survived their abseiling, climbing, gorge walking, high ropes manoeuvring, team puzzling and white water rafting in the River Dee.

On terra firma we had the most amazing participants in Limbo – Poppy Frazer (g)lowingly triumphing. Later, in ‘Seaford’s Got the Talent Factor’, we saw the dazzling George ‘When will I be Famous’ Lawson take the stand-up prize.

A lovely group with excellent potential and an exciting trip. A team was built.

Thanks to Mr Sayell for organising activities and the hotel (Mongolian Yurts!) and Mr Crook, Mr Bain, Mr Gregory, Mr Yates and Mrs Strange for their joyful company.


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