Meet Seaford College’s New Headmaster John Green


John Green headmaster Seaford CollegeName of school:  SEAFORD COLLEGE


Tel no: 01798 867392


Number of pupils: 620

  Age group: 7 – 18

                                                                        Gender: Male & Female

                                                                        Day/boarding: Both + flexi

                                                                        Name of head: John Green

In your eyes, what makes a great headmaster?

Someone who is a good communicator and listener, who is ambitious for every pupil and maintains a high visibility throughout the school.

What do you most enjoy about being a headmaster?

Being able to make a positive, ambitious difference to all pupils.

What’s your approach to education at Seaford College?

I believe that education should be holistic – that takes in not just the academic, but moral, social, spiritual and physical aspects of life. Teaching is far more than preparing students for examinations, although given the importance of qualifications, that obviously plays a major part.

However, I firmly believe we should be educating our students in the fullest sense, teaching them to think and learn for themselves so that they can take up their places in the world as adults – ultimately responsible and accountable for their own decisions.

What is special about Seaford College?

Seaford is the most friendly school I have taught in. Pupils gain confidence to realise their true potential, both inside and outside the classroom. Our academic value added scores are also outstanding.

What advantages do you think an independent school can give a young person?

We are able to provide a more bespoke education providing for our children, with outstanding opportunities and provision, academically and extra curricular.

Do you know all the children in your school?


I am very much a Head who manages by walkabout – so I certainly hope to know the majority of pupils by their first names sooner rather than later.

Do you do any teaching?

This is my first year of headship at Seaford College, so probably not. However, I will be coaching games as well as covering various academic classes, so that I get an academic flavour of the school across all age groups.

How important do you think music and sport is for a child’s development?

Both are equally as important. At Seaford we encourage all pupils to make the most of the wider curriculum – sport, creative arts, outdoor education and community service.

Do you value and listen to input from parents?

Absolutely. This term I shall be launching a new Parent Focus Group which will meet twice a term. During the sessions, all areas of the school will be discussed from academic expectations to uniform. The focus group will also give me an opportunity to meet as many parents as possible – and include a very sociable glass of wine!

Do you think the recent Olympics have inspired younger people to achieve their dreams or goals?

Yes, similar to athletics, academic success is all about striving for your personal bests. This is a message I consistently relay to all my pupils.

If you could be the education minister for a day, what is the one thing you would change?

Listen more attentively to the views of experienced Head Teachers across all sectors so that the best academic/examination policy is implemented for the benefit of all our children.

How do you relax?

Spending time with my lovely wife and three children. Reading and attending various concerts. I also attempt to play golf on our magnificent golf course here at Seaford.


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