Fisantekraal Community

Thursday 11th July

Today was an opportunity to visit the Fisantekraal Community. Here the boys experienced what it’s like to live, work and play within a township, hosting over 50,000 people. 

Eyes were opened as no luxury of televisions, x-box’s and other gadgets could be seen, instead children playing happily in the street with a ball or skipping rope. 

Often we all take life for granted but visiting such a community makes us realise how lucky we are and how so many other people in the world struggle to survive.

With winter temperatures still in the mid 20’s meant it was warm and fresh water was limited. Houses made or tin sheets or vinyl canopies again re-iterated how fortunate we were.

Many of the boys took it upon themselves to pass a ball around with the children in the street, to join in and pose for photos and allow locals to ask questions. The locals were very inviting and the children incredibly happy.

A guide led us around the township, introducing us to key areas and allowing us to be greeted at a local primary school, where the youngsters sung traditional African songs to us. We then repaid the complement and sung a number of songs, namely head, shoulders, knees and toes, involving the pupils of the primary school to join in.

The pupils then congregated at another local school where food was provided for us. This was a chance for the pupils to reflect on what they had seen and how we could make a difference.

Many pupils donated shoes, rugby boots, equipment and clothing goods to the township, showing their generosity to the locals. Rugby balls, footballs and other pieces of schooling equipment were also provided.

Overall it was a fantastic journey to take and the touring party were pleased to visit the township, meet locals and most importantly give something back to them for allowing us to visit the community.

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