Town vs Gown match ends honours even

On Tuesday 27th December, in a match organised by the Rev. Steven Gray, members of Seaford College community faced the residents of Graffham on the hockey field.

So many Graffham residents turned up on the morning that two matches were needed. In the first, the youngsters and the ladies competed in an entertaining game with the two sides chosen from a mixture of both competing groups. 

A large crowd had gathered for the crunch match and several kind supporters had brought with them mulled wine, coffee and festive snacks to keep everyone warm whilst they were watching.

As the game started, it became clear that the standard of hockey was going to be considerably higher than most watching had anticipated. In fact the pitch was well populated by ex-county players of various vintages. Graffham had enlisted the services of some useful club players who combined well twice in the first half to score excellent goals. 2-0 looked like it was to to be the half time score until, on the whistle, the College scored from only their second penalty corner. 2-1……game on!

The second half was more evenly matched although, with Graffham threatening late on to run away with the game, some inspired goalkeeping kept the College competitive. Another corner saw the College draw level 2-2 and, despite some late chances by Graffham, and a nearly impossible open goal miss from one yard, the game ended as an honourable draw.

Everyone involved in the game should be congratulated. The Rev for the idea and the organisation, those who provided food and drink, all those who turned out to play and provided such great entertainment and Mr Bailey and the White Horse pub for setting up post match food. A great day which ought to become an annual institution!

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