Welcome to Seaford College

A warm welcome from the Headmaster of Seaford College,
John Green.

As a father of three children ranged between the ages of twelve and twenty one, and of very different personalities and abilities, I understand entirely the importance of finding the right school for your child. It is certainly not easy to interpret the range of options available, nor to know how best to support our children. With this in mind I would like to share with you why I believe the pupil experience at Seaford to be so special.

We are a genuinely warm, friendly school with excellent teaching and learning across all departments. In addition to this very strong academic core we offer outstanding pastoral care and an impressive programme of extra-curricular activities. Other schools make such claims, you may be thinking. However, it is my firm belief that it is the close and supportive relationships that exist between pupils and their peers, between pupils and their teachers and tutors, that form the solid foundations for all our children to grow and learn, to feel safe and be prepared to take risks, in the absolute certainty that we will always be there for them, to advise, guide and encourage.  This is what we provide in our school.

Seaford is a co-educational, non-selective school and we are proud to offer an inclusive environment where each individual is known and valued; is given attention and respect. Our aim is to educate the whole person; to find the strengths of each boy and girl and to enable them to succeed. We have everyone here in a true representation of society; what better preparation for the future can there be?

Seaford College is a mainstream school that welcomes the very brilliant (we have many Oxbridge successes) and those who find the examination culture a challenge. We have the academically gifted, and we have those who may have organisational or processing difficulties. Our real strength is that we enable our pupils to achieve their potential – and beyond.

Our aim is to educate the whole person: to nurture individuality and an acceptance of others’ strengths and weaknesses, to develop initiative and an enquiring mind: a hunger for life. A typical Seafordian will be an articulate, confident and well-rounded young person. Seaford College provides an inspirational environment where personal bests are achieved both in and outside the classroom.

‘I’ve passed your drive many times but never turned in!’ is a comment we have heard many times.  Do, please, come and visit us and experience Seaford for yourselves.

John Green